Can Your Business Be Sold? A Guide to Succession Planning for Canadian Business Owners

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Chapter Listing

Section A: Why Do You Care about Succession?

1. Some Hard Truths

2. Not Your Kid’s Passion

3. Timetable for Selling

4. Emergency Succession

Section B: Valuing a Business

5. What Is Your Business Worth?

6. Valuation Based on Income

7. Liquidation Value

Section C: Tax Implications

8. Why You Sell Shares

Section D: Financing

9. Financing the Sale

10. Unincorporated Businesses

11. Three Ps of Increasing Value

12. Are You a Buyer?

Section E: Sales Process

13. Types of Buyers

14. Choosing the Best Offer

15. Agreements You Need

16. Shareholder Agreements—The Three Cs

17. After the Sale Has Taken Place

Section F: Case Study