Can Your Business Be Sold? (Paperback)

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Debi Peverill has been advising business owners and managers about tax, finances and lots of other stuff since 1978. In this book you will discover 3 very important things:

1. How a buyer looks at valuing your business.

2. How to increase the value of your business prior to the sale.

3. How to use a capital gain exemption when you sell the shares of your business     and pay no tax on the first $825,000 you receive. 

From the book introduction:

"My point is that businesses should not wait to prepare succession plans.

This book will help you figure out what you have to sell and how to increase the value of your business. In addition, you will learn how to sell the shares of your business and keep the money. The sale of a business is not something you should attempt on your own—there are tax advantages to structuring the business in a specific manner, and I am sure that you do not want to pay more income tax than necessary.

This book is divided up into sections. Take a look at the table of contents and see what is here. You can read the entire book or you can delve into the part that is most appropriate for where you are in your life.

Chapter Listing

Section A: Why Do You Care about Succession?

1. Some Hard Truths

2. Not Your Kid’s Passion

3. Timetable for Selling

4. Emergency Succession

Section B: Valuing a Business

5. What Is Your Business Worth?

6. Valuation Based on Income

7. Liquidation Value

Section C: Tax Implications

8. Why You Sell Shares

Section D: Financing

9. Financing the Sale

10. Unincorporated Businesses

11. Three Ps of Increasing Value

12. Are You a Buyer?

Section E: Sales Process

13. Types of Buyers

14. Choosing the Best Offer

15. Agreements You Need

16. Shareholder Agreements—The Three Cs

17. After the Sale Has Taken Place

Section F: Case Study