Budgeting Essentials: Electronic Book (EPUB)

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--How to improve your cash flow.

--Why you should borrow money.

--How to read your financial statements.


"The goal of this book is to teach you how to prepare budgets, also known as forecasts and projections, for your own business or another organization.

To prepare budgets, it is necessary to understand a number of different concepts. By the end of the book you will be able to prepare a set of projected financial statements with a balance sheet, an income statement, and a statement of cash flow. You will learn how these financial statements relate to each other and clearly understand how changes in income affect the balance sheet. You will be able to make a projected balance sheet balance and do the dance of joy. Much excitement awaits within these pages.

The book begins with a brief explanation of the basics of financial statements. From these concepts, the methods of how to put together projected financial statements are outlined—the nuts and bolts of how this is done. I am assuming that you will use a spreadsheet to prepare projections—no one wants to spend lots of time adding up numbers and trying to balance financial statements if they can use a piece of software to do this type of thing more easily.

After we have covered the concept of how projections are assembled, we will discuss how to make the assumptions that underlie the projected financial information. How to support your assumptions with facts and analyses will also be discussed.

More detailed background is provided on specific categories that are found on financial projections. We will talk about inventory, fixed assets, receivables, and payables ... you get the idea.

A model of the financial projections is included in this book and we will talk about how to use the model to get what you need for your own organization." - Debi Peverill, Author