Painless Financial Literacy (SAVE 50%)

From the Author, Debi Peverill:

"This book is all about helping you understand accounting and finance rules so you can make the best financial decisions.

When I wrote the book I struggled with what topics to put first and which concepts had to be defined and explained before the other concepts would make any sense. In the end, this is how I decided to put it together, because it’s my book. But you can read the book in any order. You can read the sections that interest you the most, then go back and read the rest, or not!

The financial world has been vastly complicated by recent changes in generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). There is now a separate set of accounting principles for public companies, owner managed companies, and non-profit organizations (NPOs).

So the first thing you might want to do is figure out which set of rules are most likely to apply to the financial decisions you are making. Do you own a business? If so, you care about the rules for owner managed companies. If you work for a NPO, then the accounting standards for NPOs will be the most relevant. A lot of the basic stuff is the same for private, public and NPOs, but where there are differences I have mentioned them. There will be parts of the book that do not apply to you.

The book has a lot of content and if you don’t have much familiarity with things financial, it might seem a little daunting at the beginning. But keep reading and I promise you it will all make sense by the end of the book."

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--How to read your financial statements.

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